Cover + Door with HEPA Filter for Ultimaker 2+

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Cover + Door with HEPA Filter for Ultimaker 2+ – Minimize warping & odor
Protect your special and big 3D prints from warping and other external factors with this Ultimaker Cover. This DIY-kit offers the possibility to upgrade the quality of your Ultimaker 3D prints even more. The Cover makes sure there is a constant heat within building chamber. The professional fan and HEPA-filter make sure there is a good air flow.

Some advantages of the Ultimaker 2+ cover:

  • Constant heat to prevent warping on hard 3D printing material (ABS, PC)
  • Air is renewed thanks to a professional fan + Hepa filter
  • No more draft when manufacturing
  • The cover can be put on and removed easily without damaging your 3D printer
  • This device is even quieter
  • No need to screw / make holes/ modify your 3D printer, just need to clip the kit
  • A latch is present to close the door and prevent any external access to your machine
  • No smell or fumes escape from the cover
  • Filter can last between 600 to 1200 hours (depending on settings, materials)

Minimize warping & odor with the cover and door with HEPA Filter for your Ultimaker 2+.

The full kit includes:

  • A cover with a flap (6 PMMA 5mm plates)
  • A filtration system (ventilator+ filter Hepa + power cord)
  • A set of ABS plastic parts and a set of screws and nuts


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