XYZprinting UV hærdningskammer

Denne UV-hærder hjælper dig med at efterbehandle dine printet dele. Du kan bruge denne UV-hærder fra XYZprinting til alle dele der er fremstillet med en DLP, SLA eller LCD printer.

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Tip: Wash your resin 3D printed parts in isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to remove adhesive resin from your object. Lay it in a tank full of IPA to dissolve unwanted resin from your parts surface. After about 10 minutes remove it from the vessel and let it dry. Then put it in the XYZprinting UV Curing Chamber. This great device works with DLP, SLA and Daylight (LCD-Panel) 3D printing technology.

Product characteristics:
Post-processing machine for SLA, DLP and LCD-Panel 3D prints
For full hardness and durability of your manufactured parts
Helps to remove sticky surface
Powerful UV light source
Energy saving ­– 24 watts
Stylish modern design
Clean up and cure your 3D prints
Objects manufactured using resin often come out sticky! The Nobel Post-Curing Machine takes out all the fuss and cleans up and cures your 3D prints for a smooth finish.

Energy efficient
This device has an energy efficient, 24-watts UV lamp that cycles around the 3D printed object every 30 seconds. It ensures a strong, consistent coating of UV light low wattage. The incorporation of LED lights makes it an excellent choice for those who are environmentally conscious.

Elegant design with large curing space
The simplified and elegant design is suitable to be placed in laboratory, personal working space or office. Although it comes with compact design, the max curing size still can reach Ø180 x H200 mm. With the affordable price, everyone can easily be a pro in resin 3D printing.

360° curing design to enhance durability
XYZprinting UV curing chamber features turntable and reflective inner mirrors. This UV device outputs steady, focused and consistent UV lights to cure the printouts manufactured with photopolymer resins 360° in a brief period. The post curing process increases the hardness and durability of the 3D printed products.

UV LED light ensures green and great experience
Comparing to the mercury lamp of other UV curing products, XYZprinting UV curing chamber uses UV LED diodes. The light source produces no ozone, which is much more environment-friendly and energy-saving. Use this lamp for a life span up to 10000 hours. This is ensuring the best user experience.

Versatile compatibility for all professionals
XYZprinting UV Curing Chamber is CE certified worldwide. UV LED wavelength ranges 370-405 nm. It is not only compatible with XYZprinting resin, including general resin, flexible resin and castable resin. Post-process resin manufactured products of most SLA, DLP and LCD-Panel 3D printers in the market. This curing chamber is absolutely the best choice for designers, maker and professionals.

Tekniske specifikationer

Light sourceUV LED λ 385 nm
UV LED lamp power16 Watt
Max. Curing SizeØ180 x H200 mm
Turntable payload (Max.)1.5 kg
Cure Time1 - 60 minutes (Timer included)
Dimensions25.5 x 25.5 x 35.2 cm
Net Weight4 kg
Compatible MaterialPhotopolymer Resin
Power AdapterDC IN 24 V 2.5 A


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