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Professional 3D printer + industrial quality

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Experience high-quality professional 3D printing with the Zortrax Inventure 3D printer. This additive manufacturing machine enables you to perform 3D prints at an industrial level. Due to its enclosed and heated building chamber you can process materials which tend to warp. Zortrax ecosystem ensures a reliable and repeatable manufacturing quality of your parts. These features make the Inventure your first choice if you need a professional FFF 3D printer for engineering, prototyping or additive manufacturing for small scale production. Zortrax uses DLP technology which is like FFF and FDM. Now you can generative manufacture with Z-PETG, Z-PLA and Z-SUPPORT. Further materials will follow.

The main product characteristics are:
Industrial quality of complex parts
3D print with support material
Easy to use 3D printer
Streamlined and optimized 3D printing process
High accuracy of up to 1.5 microns
High-temperature additive manufacturing up to 380 ° C
Heated building chamber up to 80° C

Meet Zortrax Inventure, the must-have 3D printer for professionals who are looking for a top-quality 3D printer and do not accept any excuses. The device introduces you to several features that will make your work extremely easy and satisfying. Best examples are the Dissolvable Support System, a closed heated chamber and dedicated software. The notification system and cartridges that register material consumption give you control over the 3D printing process. While the HEPA filter assures a save use over the whole manufacturing process. Now you can bring the most complex objects to life. 3D print with incredible dimensional accuracy and consistent repeatability. 3D printing with the Zortrax Inventure is a smart, professional and streamlined process.

DISSOLVE what’s redundant.
Together with Zortrax Inventure comes DSS, the Dissolvable Support System. Starting now, you can 3D print complex parts or entire moving mechanisms in one run. DSS is a unique solution with an automated process that saves you time. Just put the manufactured object into the water and watch the support disappear, leaving the model free from residue.

all-in CONTROL.
What is the smartest thing about Zortrax Inventure? It is, its ability to communicate and interact with you. Zortrax Inventure has a built-in notification system that prevents errors and gives you
full control over the 3D printing process.

Using 3D printing materials in a cartridge makes the replacement easier and much faster. It makes sure that you have better control of filament consumption level.
Each cartridge has a special chip which sends information such as material type, color and consumption level to the 3D printer.

control THE HEAT.
It’s the right time to forget about warping and deformations. Zortrax Inventure has a closed heated chamber provides constantly an optimal temperature for your models during 3D printing process. Leave the external factors behind and enjoy flawless additive manufacturing.

the factory PROPERTIES.
With the Zortrax Inventure you can choose from a range of professional grade materials that meet various testing purposes. Each material type is available in form of an-easy-to-use cartridge. Enjoy the ability to create detailed models and complex shapes. 3D print end-use parts, functional prototypes or other objects that require high precision and durability. Furthermore, you can use this professional 3D printer for accurate pre-production testing.

Tekniske specifikationer

Build volume 135 x 135 x 130mm
Resolution90-200 microns
Material containerCartridge
Wall thickness: Min.400 microns / Optimal: 800 microns
Resolution of single 3D printable point in XY axis: 400 microns, in Z axis: 90-200 microns
Material diameter1.75 mm (00.69 in)
Nozzle diameter0.4 mm (0.0.15 in)
Minimum single positioning1.5 microns
Positioning precision (X / Y)1.5 microns
Z-axis single step1.25 microns
Maximal extruder temperature:380 ° C
Heated built-platformYes
Maximum temperature of chamber:90 ° C
Ambient operation temperature:15 ° – 35 ° C
Storage between :0 ° – 35 ° C
AC input:110 / 240V ~ 2 A 50/60 Hz
Power requirements:24 V DC @ 7 A
Power consumption:160W
Software bundle:SUITE
File types:.stl .obj .dxf, .3mf
Supports:Mac OS X / Windows 7 and newer versions


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